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Another storm eyes Newfoundland and Labrador

The same low that brought stormy weather to Ontario and Quebec over the weekend is now moving toward Newfoundland and Labrador. The low is expected to bring snow to most of Labrador and rain to Newfoundland. All areas will see strong winds.

Snow will push into Labrador tonight. 15 to 20 cm is expected for western Labrador, 10 to 20 cm is expected for the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area, and 15 cm is possible for coastal sections. Wind gusts may exceed 100 km/h.

In Newfoundland, strong winds are expected along the west coast with gusts to 110 km/h possible with gusts to 120 km/h in the Wreckhouse area. Water levels will also be elevated along the Northern Peninsula.

Rain is expected tomorrow across Newfoundland. For the Burgeo - Ramea area another 50 to 70 mm is expected.

There are several weather alerts in effect across the province. The latest alerts can be found here. Additionally Marine Atlantic has made changes to its schedule.

A secondary low will move in on Thursday. It appears that this system will mainly be a Newfoundland event. It is too early to provide specifics on this system at this time.

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