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Apr-uary! Mother Nature's cruel joke!

Today is the last day of March! Tomorrow is the beginning of April, also the day known as April fools! Not only humans, and animals play tricks but our loving Mother Nature can as well, and for BC and the Prairies it will be one cruel joke!

A large area of High pressure from the far north is going to pull in some very cold arctic air in time for beginning of April, Even parts of Canada's desert will see brutal cold air Tomorrow.

Kamloops in British Columbia, a semi-desert area has a average high of a beautiful 15 degrees this time of year, and morning lows a degree above freezing. Highs in that area will be hovering around the freezing mark in the day and a good 10 to 15 degrees below zero in the morning and overnight hours.

Closer to the coast, Vancouver will see highs near the water be lucky to get above 5 degrees, inland areas will also struggle to climb above freezing, an area where highs this time of year is normally around 12 or 13 degrees.

Alberta & Saskatchewan will see highs far below freezing in the coming days.

The Cold air looks to stick around for at least 3-4 days, then gradually warm up again by next weekend.


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