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Atlantic Canada Bracing For Another System

The same storm system delivering a blow to Ontario and Quebec will also impact Atlantic Canada.

A mixed array of weather conditions are expected including snow, rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and strong wind.

New Brunswick

On Thursday morning, snow will move into the province and will continue through Friday. There is a risk of a rain-snow mix and rain in southeastern sections of New Brunswick. There will also be strong winds.

Prince Edward Island

Snow will move in on Thursday afternoon. The snow will taper off on Friday morning. There will also be strong winds.

Nova Scotia

For the southern sections of Nova Scotia, it looks like only rain will fall. For northern sections of mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, snow, ice pellets, and rain are expected. There will also be strong winds.


Snow will push into Newfoundland on Thursday night. The snow will begin to taper off on Friday night, although some sporadic flurries will linger through Saturday. There will also be strong winds.


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