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Atlantic Canada May 2nd Early Morning Update

Good Morning folks! It was a wet night in Nova Scotia, had some rainfall amounts of 15 to 30 mm and winds gusting near 70 km/h, best of all is the warmth! temperatures yesterday in the mid and high teens and we will continue that trend into today!

Rainfall Amounts:

Shelburne: 27 mm

Western Head: 17 mm

Yarmouth: 15 mm

Peak Wind Gusts:

Brier Island: 69 km/h

Yarmouth: 67 km/h

Lunenburg: 57 km/h

Western Head: 56 km/h

Shelburne: 46 km/h

Yesterday Highs:

Greenwood: 18*C ( 17.5*C)

Kejimkujik: 17*C ( 17.0*C)

Yarmouth: 15*C ( 15.2*C)

Shelburne: 14*C ( 13.6*C)

Brier Island: 13*C ( 13.4*C)

Western Head: 9*C ( 9.3*C)

Baccaro Point: 9*C ( 9.2*C)

We will see Sun & Clouds today over much of the Atlantic Canada, exception to Western Newfoundland with some rainfall from Corner Brook to Gander, some Morning rain and risk of storms for Southern Nova Scotia.

Newfoundland: Western and Central Rain & Showers, Eastern Sun & Clouds. Highs of 10-15*C for Western, Northern and Eastern sections, cooler in the southern portions from Port-Aux Basques to Marystown, highs of 6-9*C.

Labrador: Mostly Cloudy skies and highs of 4-11*C

Nova Scotia: Sun & Clouds, with a chance of AM rain, chance of showers and Thunder Showers in Yarmouth. Highs of 13-15*C

PEI: Sun & Clouds, highs of 8-11*C

New Brunswick: Sun & Clouds & mild! highs of 13-15*C

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