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Atlantic Canada sees record-breaking temperatures

It has been a warm day across Atlantic Canada with some records broken.

Starting in Newfoundland, St. John's International Airport reached 21.6°C, the old record of 17.8°C was set in 1945. Gander International Airport reached 16.9°C. Deer Lake Airport reached 18.0°C, beating the old record of 16.5°C set in 2003.

In Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown reached 19.6°C. The old record of 19.4°C was set in 1963.

The observation in Halifax was 21.9°C. The old record of 20.6°C was recorded in 1963. The Sydney Airport reached 19.9°C.

In New Brunswick, Moncton reached 20.3°C and Fredericton reached 19.9°C.


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