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Autumn 2023 Outlook

Autumn is almost here. You can notice the days are getting shorter and for some areas, there is a chill in the evening air. Frost advisories are starting to pop up across Canada. Soon we'll be trading shorts for long pants and digging out the sweaters.

Canadians get a little sad when Summer winds down. As kids head back to school, we get back into our normal routines. But Autumn also brings beautiful Fall Foliage, pumpkin spice everything, and the harvest.

Autumn officially arrives on Saturday, September 23, at 2:50 a.m. EDT.


Across the country, we can expect temperatures to be above normal for all locations.

City Forecast:

  • St. John's Above Normal

  • Labrador City Above Normal

  • Halifax Above Normal

  • Charlottetown Above Normal

  • Frederiction Above Normal

  • Quebec City Above Normal

  • Sherbrooke Above Normal

  • Montreal Above Normal

  • Ottawa Above Normal

  • Toronto Above Normal

  • Windsor Above Normal

  • Thunder Bay Above Normal

  • Winnipeg Above Normal

  • Regina Above Normal

  • Saskatoon Above Normal

  • Calgary Above Normal

  • Red Deer Above Normal

  • Edmonton Above Normal

  • Vancouver Above Normal

  • Victoria Above Normal

  • Prince George Above Normal

  • Whitehorse Above Normal

  • Yellowknife Above Normal

  • Iqaluit Above Normal


Precipitation across the country will be normal for most areas except Nova Scotia and southern sections of British Columbia and Alberta where below normal amounts are expected.

City Forecast:

  • St. John's Near Normal

  • Labrador City Above Normal

  • Halifax Below Normal

  • Charlottetown Near Normal

  • Frederiction Near Normal

  • Quebec City Near Normal

  • Sherbrooke Near Normal

  • Montreal Near Normal

  • Ottawa Near Normal

  • Toronto Near Normal

  • Windsor Near Normal

  • Thunder Bay Near Normal

  • Winnipeg Near Normal

  • Regina Near Normal

  • Saskatoon Near Normal

  • Calgary Near Normal

  • Red Deer Near Normal

  • Edmonton Near Normal

  • Vancouver Below Normal

  • Victoria Below Normal

  • Prince George Near Normal

  • Whitehorse Near Normal

  • Yellowknife Near Normal

  • Iqaluit Near Normal


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