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BC Heat continues, hottest day of the year for some!

Monday marked Day 2 of the sizzling temperatures of British Columbia, especially in the Okanagan Desert regions, where temperatures on Monday soared to over 35 degrees with higher Humidex readings, many towns also were near the temperature century mark (100*F) or 37.8*C.

Here are some of the hottest temperatures recorded on Monday:

Lytton...... 37.1*C ( 99*F)

Ashcroft... 36.1*C ( 97*F)

Kamloops... 36.0*C ( 97*F)

Osoyoos.... 35.8*C (96*F)

Merritt......... 33.6*C ( 92*F)

Lillooet......... 33.5*C ( 92*F)

Even at the coast was warm! Naniamo, Vancouver & Victoria also seen high temperatures into the upper 20's.

Vancouver Airport recorded temperatures of 26.4*C while Vancouver Harbor was the place to be at a sizzling 28.0*C, Metro Vancouver also was warm at 26.7*C.

Victoria was also warm today:

The University of Victoria recorded highs of 25.4*C

Victoria International Airport was at 23.1*C

Victoria Gonzales at 21.4*C

and the cool spot was the Harbor where there was more fog and cooler temperatures off the water, highs came close to 20*C, but came shy by 0.7 degrees to get high of 19.3*C. Naniamo Airport was a warm spot to be! temperatures recorded 26.6*C there on Monday.

Wx Centre BC Forecaster James Follett says the high temperatures are thanks to a big ridge of High pressure just over Salt Lake City which is bringing a South Westerly wind flow of hot desert heat from the desert, he says there is a little change on the way as a trough of Low pressure over the Queen Charlottes moves closer inland the clouds will increase tonight and a chance of showers develop tomorrow into Wednesday with only slightly cooler temperatures into the lower 30's for the Interior and mid 20's for the BC coast.

Hot, dry conditions look to return by the latter part of the week.

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