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Christmas Forecast

Hello folks and happy holidays

Rain, freezing rain and snow are expected in Ontario this weekend with strong windchill factors today

There is a weather advisory in Huntsville, possibilities of freezing rain turning into ice pellets by Christmas day in the region.

There are strong windchill factors today associated with the developing low pressure system over the Great Lakes, moderate snow will be accumulated over the region today as the snowstorm passes with some freezing rain and rain showers as well.

There is a risk of freezing rain in Kenora and Sudbury during the day, Fog patches in Windsor and London and chances of showers in Toronto. Winds are up tp 15km/h in Ottawa.

The temperatures are above freezing in the evening of Christmas Eve, Ottawa, Huntsville and Kingston have chances of freezing rain and most of the cities will have some light rain showers overnight.

As the low pressure system tracks across the Great Lakes we are expecting less snow and more of rain and freezing rain in Southern Ontario because of the warm front moving eastward with the low.

On Christmas Day, it will be raining in most of southern Ontario. There is a weather advisory for Huntsville, there will be a change in precipitation from freezing rain to ice pellets and some communities will possibly see a transition rain as well on Christmas Eve and Christmas as the low pressure system tracks eastward over the Great Lakes.

Windsor has some rain showers on Christmas Day, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Barrie, and Huntsville are cloudy with possibilities of some light drizzle in the day with a low of -1, Kingston will have some rain showers and Ottawa will have some freezing drizzle and a chance of flurries a night.

Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays !


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