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Cold week in Ontario

Good evening,

Tonight we will be experiencing mostly single digit temperatures and some showers and in Southern Ontario. Goderich, Barrie, London and Kingston will have a few showers tonight with temperatures ranging from 9 to 7 degrees. Toronto , Windsor and Ottawa are fairly dry with chances of showers overnight and temperatures as low as 7 to 8 degrees.

On Monday there will be snow flurries in Kenora, with a temperature of 0 degrees, Thunderbay and Sudbury are expecting a mix of rain and flurries during the day with 6 degrees average , Windsor Toronto, and London are fairly warmer and drier and will have a mix of sun and cloud with an average temperature of 10 degrees and Ottawa has high chances of rain at 9 degrees.

For the weeks forecast in Toronto, we are looking at a high of 9 degrees and a low of 5 degrees with some cloud on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will come with some showers and a chance of flurries on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday is mostly cloudy with a high of 7 degrees and low of 1 degree, there will be patches of clouds on friday with a high of 9 degrees and low of 1 degree and it warms up during the weekend with a high of 9 degrees and low of 4 degrees on Saturday, and a high of 10 degrees and low of 5 degrees on Sunday.

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