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Day 6 of BC hot spell... no end in near sight!

It's Sunday... and we are still adding the days since the hot spell began, and for many areas like the BC interior it's now going into the 6th day where temperatures will climb to 30 degrees or higher.

Here are the temperatures in Kamloops from the last 5 days:

June 11th: 31.1*C

June 12th: 34.0*C

June 13th: 31.9*C

June 14th: 30.6*C

June 15th: 31.9*C

Today is expected to be between 30 and 32, and stay in the 32-34 range Monday & Tuesday.

although not as much of a long spell of 30 degrees, Lytton is also on a hot streak!

June 11th: 34.9*C

June 12th: 35.3*C

June 13th: 31.9*C

(June 11th-June 13th broke records all 3 days and is an official heatwave)

June 14th: 28.2*C

June 15th: 28.3*C

Highs of 30 to 35 is expected there through Wednesday.

The normal high for this time of year for Lytton is only 22*C with a normal low of 9*C, temperatures have been running a good 5 to 15 degrees above normal with even morning lows a good 10 degrees warmer, at times on the 13th-15th the morning lows never dropped below 16*C and as of 4:30am while I am typing this.. the temperature in Lytton is 19*C.

It wasn't just the desert and inland areas getting felt by the hot wave, parts of the coast are also!, check out these temperatures over last 5 days in Vancouver!

June 11th: 23.6*C

June 12th: 29.9*C ** Record**

June 13th: 24.7*C

June 14th: 20.1*C

June 15th: 22.0*C

The low 20's may not seem like much, but for this area even 20 degrees is above the average. the normal high this time of year in Vancouver is only 18*C, temperatures so far this month in Vancouver are averaging a good 2 to 4 degrees above normal! and temperatures in Vancouver are expected to remain in the low and mid 20's all through the week.

So what is going on with the weather pattern that is keeping us so dry and so warm and hot? It is all thanks to a big strong ridge of high pressure down in the North West states bringing up warm southerly air and keeping much of the wet weather far to the north.

This ridge will break down later this week with clouds and cooler temperatures, but until then be prepared for continued sunshine and well above normal temperatures, especially the desert area of Kamloops and areas of the Okanagan desert where temperatures in the 30's will last into Wednesday.


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