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Dry stretch of weather coming to Southern N.S.

After days of Rain and cool temperatures and Strong winds, folks in Southern Shores and Tri-Counties in Nova Scotia can breath easy and be relieved that weather starting tonight and going forward into the weekend and beyond will be much better!

A series of High pressures are going to keep much of the North East states and parts of Atlantic Canada dry for several days starting tomorrow, however it will still be cloudy and cool but no rain is expected tomorrow. Sunday will be better as the sun makes a reappearance and temperatures begin to warm up slightly, Monday there could be extra clouds from a near by low but should remain dry and very mild with temperatures in the teens, cooler near the coast with a sea breeze.

The nice weather is expected to stay until mid to late next week, when another system comes in on Thursday with showers and mild temperatures. Mild Temperatures are expected to arrive on Sunday or Monday and last into the end of next week.

So Nova Scotians, open your window and let some fresh air in! go sit on patio and enjoy this while you can! We are no longer in Seattle!


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