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Elsa and a trough to bring heavy rain to parts of Atlantic Canada

An area of low pressure will move through Atlantic Canada this weekend along with post-tropical cyclone Elsa.

Heavy rain is expected across western Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and eastern Prince Edward Island.

Over the course of the weekend the following rainfall totals are possible:

  • St. John's Trace to 2 mm

  • Gander Trace to 2 mm

  • Corner Brook 20 to 50 mm

  • Sydney 2 to 5 mm

  • Halifax 10 to 20 mm

  • Yarmouth 20 to 30 mm

  • Charlottetown 20 to 30 mm

  • Moncton 50 to 80 mm

  • Fredericton 50 to 100 mm

  • Saint John 50 to 100 mm

Areas expecting heavy rain may see flooding.

Wind gusts to about 80 km/h are possible across most of Nova Scotia. In Newfoundland, gusts to 70 km/h are expected for central and eastern Newfoundland.

The air will also feel very humid this weekend.

There is the risk of thunderstorms across the Maritimes.


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