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Heavy Snow and Rain Expected for Eastern Half of Canada

An area of low pressure is expected to intensify over New England on Saturday.

This is expected to bring snow to eastern Ontario, parts of Quebec, the Maritimes, and Labrador.

Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec

Snowfall amounts of 15 to 25 cm are expected during the day on Saturday. Most of the snow will fall in the morning across Eastern Ontario. In Southern Quebec 25 to 30 centimetres by Sunday morning in the heaviest snow.


On Saturday night, rain is expected to begin across southern Nova Scotia and southeastern New Brunswick. In western New Brunswick snow, ice pellets, or freezing rain are expected. PEI will largely remain as rain for most of theis event. On Sunday afternoon as the low pulls away we could see some snow across Prince Edward Island and the Cape Breton Highlands. Gusty winds are expected.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Rain is expected across central and eastern Newfoundland with a rain and snow mix along the west coast. Snow is expected in Labrador. Gusty winds are expected.

Snowfall forecast:

  • Ottawa 20-40 cm

  • Montreal 20-30 cm

  • Quebec City 5-10 cm

  • Fredericton 5-7 cm

  • Charlottetown 2-5 cm

  • Yarmouth 0 cm

  • Halifax 0 cm

  • Sydney 0 cm

  • Labrador City 7-12 cm

  • Corner Brook 5-10 cm

  • St. John's 0 cm

Rainfall forecast:

  • Ottawa 0 mm

  • Montreal 0 mm

  • Quebec City 0 mm

  • Fredericton 10-15 mm (risk of freezing rain)

  • Charlottetown 20-30 mm

  • Yarmouth 20-25 mm

  • Halifax 30-50 mm

  • Sydney 25-30 mm

  • Labrador City 0 mm

  • Corner Brook 2-4 mm

  • St. John's 5-15 mm

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