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Hot Weather Expected Across Ontario, Quebec, & New Brunswick

Parts of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick will be feeling the heat today! A warm humid air mass has set up across the area and will send temperatures soaring to the low thirties in spots. With humidex values, it will feel even hotter.

Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario will continue to see extreme heat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Daytime high temperatures will reach 31 in some areas and overnight lows will only dip to about 20 degrees.

There will also be a risk of thunderstorms for the next three days. Some of these thunderstorms could be severe. Additionally, northeastern Ontario could see some heavy rain on Thursday.

Southwestern Quebec

Areas of Southwestern Quebec will also experience warmer temperatures today. The hot weather will linger through Wednesday and Thursday. Daytime temperatures will reach 30 degrees in some areas combined with humidex values in the high thirties.

There is also a risk of isolated severe thunderstorms.

New Brunswick

It will be a similar story in New Brunswick where warm weather will commence today and linger through Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to reach about 30 degrees and humidex values near 35 are expected. It will be cooler for coastal sections.

While extreme heat can put everyone at risk from heat illnesses, health risks are greatest for older adults, infants and young children, people with chronic illnesses (like breathing problems, mental illness, and heart problems), people who work in the heat, people who exercise in the heat, homeless people, and low-income earners.


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