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How to make the perfect snowball

A person makes a snowball

Here is all you need to know to make the perfect snowball: 1. find the perfect snow - find snow that is neither too wet or dry. Too wet =slush balls. Too dry and light = makes great snow for skiing but not snowballs. However, if you only have powder snow, you can do this to make it fit for snowballs: - A. look for snow close to the street where cars have driven or near houses where heat is given off. - B. pack the snowballs with your bare hands. This will create enough moisture for it to stick together. - C. wait until the middle of the day before you start your snowball fight. This will give the sun time to warm the snow up to create the needed moisture for snowball packing. 2. wear gloves, not mittens - when packing snowballs, you need all the finger dexterity you can get. Mitten's strength in keeping your hands warm is also its weakness in making snowballs. Less heat escapes from a mitten. But you need a little heat for packing especially if you have dry snow. 3. packing your snowball - go for the snow a few inches below the surface. The top layer has already packed this snow down. Fill both your cropped hands with snow. Start bringing your hands together while rotating them to pack the snow. Each time you bring your hands together, apply more and more pressure. When you start feeling some resistance from the snow as you pack, the snowball is ready. Start smoothing the ball out so it forms a nice spherical shape Ta-dah. The perfect snowball.


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