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Hurricane Igor Formed on this Date 10 Years Ago

By Cody Abrames -, CC BY 2.0,

It was on this day back in 2010 that a broad area of low pressure was identified over western Africa. This low would become Hurricane Igor, the most destructive tropical cyclone on record to hit Newfoundland.

The storm had minimal impacts on Cape Verde and the Leeward Islands. Bermuda was hit with hurricane conditions on September 20th. There was pounding surf and rip currents along the U.S. east coast.

The storm hit Newfoundland on September 21st. Schools were closed, several flights were either delayed or cancelled at St. John's International Airport. Oil platforms off the coast were also evacuated.

Igor delivered heavy rain, strong winds, storm surge, and large waves.

St. Lawrence recorded 238 mm of rain. In Cape Pine, there was a wind gust of 172 km/h. Waves offshore were recorded at 25.5 metres.

Many roads and bridges were washed out, rivers burst their banks, some areas had to be evacuated due to floodwaters. One man was killed on Random Island when his driveway collapsed and he was swept out to sea.

Losses were placed at $200 million dollars, the costliest in the province's history.

The name Igor was retired from the list of hurricane names.


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