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India and Pakistan Brace for Severe Cyclonic Storm Biparjoy

India and Pakistan are bracing for an impact from Severe Cyclonic Storm Biparjoy.

The storm is located about 290 km southwest of Jakhau Port in Gujarat. Over the next few hours, the storm will move north-northeastwards and cross Saurashtra and Kutch and adjoining Pakistan coasts between Mandvi and Karachi on Thursday evening.

When the storm makes landfall it is expected to have maximum sustained winds of 125 to 135 km/h with gusts to 150 km/h according to the India Meteorological Department.

Ahead of the storm, officials called boats back to port and an oil rig was evacuated. Over 80,000 people have been evacuated from coastal areas.

This is the first storm of the season to make landfall in the area.


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