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Low to impact Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

An area of low pressure is expected to move east of Nova Scotia on Sunday afternoon bringing rain to central and northern sections. Depending on the track, northern sections of mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton could see a transition to snow on Sunday night. If the low tracks further east, precipitation will remain as rain.

The low pushes into Newfoundland on Sunday night. There is some discrepancy in the track of the low. Based on the GFS model, the Avalon Peninsula will see rain and the remainder of the island will see snow. The Canadian model takes the low more to the east. This scenario would mean that western Newfoundland would not see anything and central would see snow and the Avalon Peninsula would see rain on Sunday night changing to snow on Monday.

Due to the uncertainty in the track, it is too early to provide precipitation amounts. Keep checking back for updates.


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