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Messy Mix of Weather Eyes Atlantic Canada

A mix of messy weather is on the way to portions of Atlantic Canada Thursday evening and Friday.

There is still a large amount of uncertainty on the exact track of the low.

Over eastern sections of Nova Scotia snowfall amounts of about 5-10 cm are expected combined with wind gusts to 60 km/h. Precipitation across New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will be minimal.

In Newfoundland, both rain and snow are expected beginning Thursday afternoon. On Friday Newfoundland will see a transition from rain to snow. Southern and central sections of Newfoundland could end up with 10 to 25 cm of snow. The Avalon may see 25 to 35 mm of rain combined with strong winds.

Snowfall Forecast

  • St. John's 5-10 cm

  • Gander 5-10 cm

  • Corner Brook 5-10 cm

  • Sydney 5-10 cm

  • Halifax 5-10 cm

  • Yarmouth 5-10 cm

Rainfall Forecast

  • St. John's 20-35 mm

  • Gander 5-10 mm

  • Corner Brook Trace

  • Sydney 5-15 mm

  • Halifax ~5 mm

  • Yarmouth 2-5 mm

Forecast confidence is low due to model discrepancy.

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