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Meteorite shines new light on how water ended up on Earth

Example of a fragment from the driveway.

Water is key to life on Earth, it is the very reason that humans and animals survive, but we don't know how water ended up on our planet.

The answer to that question could be in a meteorite that hit Earth last year.

Dubbed the Winchcombe meteorite, the meteorite fell in the village of Winchcombe in the United Kingdom. The meteorite originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and contained water, water that is similar to that found on Earth.

There was no rainfall and it did not come into contact with any water as it was quickly recovered.

An article published in the journal Science Advances stated that the Winchcombe meteorite provides "further evidence that volatile-rich carbonaceous asteroids played an important role in the origin of Earth’s water."


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