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Meteorologist hits back at Bully After Being told to wear a Girdle

Photo: KSDK
Photo: KSDK

A meteorologist with KSDK News in St. Louis, Missouri shared a message she received about what a viewer described as her stomach 'bulge'.

Tracy Hinson was quick to hit back.

The viewer recommended she wear a “girdle” to cover her stomach.

Hinson responded on Twitter saying, "Dear Mary, yes I do watch my air checks. NO I will not be strapping myself into a girdle because you don’t like my belly. I like pasta, bread and cheese too much to obsess over my weight. I like my body and that’s all that really matters. ❤️ Tracy #nomorefatshaming"

Do you think social media has become an avenue for people to be mean as opposed to if they were in person?


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