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New Year's Eve Forecast

Below is a look at what to expect on Friday evening.

Atlantic Canada

On New Year's Eve, there will be no major weather systems of note across Atlantic Canada.

We could see some showers of flurries across the southern and central sections of Nova Scotia but mostly fair skies are expected.

Quebec and Ontario

A weather system departing northern Ontario will move into western Quebec. It will provide snow for central sections of the province and some sporadic flurries to the south.

The majority of Ontario looks fair, we could see a passing shower along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Prairies and British Columbia

A high centred over southwestern Saskatchewan will keep skies clear and biting cold temperatures. Good weather to see the fireworks but bundle up!

Evening conditions should be fair for most of British Columbia but a low will move in overnight bringing snow and rain to most of the province.

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • Only adults should use handle fireworks

  • Never use fireworks while impaired

  • Never hold lighted fireworks in your hands

  • Do not light them indoors

  • Only use them away from people, houses and flammable material

  • Only light one device at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting

  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks

  • Soak both used and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding

  • Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire

  • Never use illegal fireworks


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