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Nor'easter to impact US Northeast

A map showing  the forecast for the Northeastern United States.
U.S. Northeast regional forecast for Monday.

A nor'easter will form off the east coast of the United States on Monday and will bring severe weather to the Northeast from Sunday night to Tuesday.

On Monday, rain will spread across Long Island to Cape Cod and areas inland. Snow is expected over upstate New York and most of Pennsylvania through northern New England.

While the storm details have yet to be fully determined, there is the potential for heavy snow across the Northeast. An area from Pennsylvania and eastern upstate New York to western and northern New England could pick up over 15 inches of snow.

Winds will be very strong, particularly from Cape Cod north to coastal Maine. Winds of 70 mph are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday. These winds will lead to power outages.

Since this storm is expected to undergo a period of rapid intensification, it will have the potential to cause coastal flooding.

This storm will have an impact on Atlantic Canada. We'll have more details on those impacts tomorrow.


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