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Powerful storm continues in Southern Ontario

Hill Cam, Government of Canada

Most of the warnings have ended across Southern Ontario.

For southwestern and central Ontario, including London, Toronto and Kingston, snow, ice pellets and freezing rain are expected to continue into this morning with additional. Additional snow and ice pellet amounts will be about 2 cm.

A second low pressure system will bring freezing drizzle across much of Southern Ontario from Windsor, north to about York and Grey County. This will make roads slippery.

Areas east of Colborne could see additional snow of 5 to 10 cm this morning and freezing rain or freezing drizzle this evening.

Northeastern and eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, Sudbury and Chapleau will continue to see snow today.

As the first Colorado low moves out this morning, a second one will move in this afternoon. 5 to 15 cm of snow is expected with blowing snow.

Tomorrow areas to the east and southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay will likely experience lake-effect snow. 5 to 10 cm of snow is possible.

The storm has caused significant travel disruptions. There are several bus cancellations.


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