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Prairie Provinces to Receive Snow and Below-Average Temperatures Friday: #MBStorm #SKStorm #ABStorm

We can expect 5-15 cm of snow in numerous areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, today, due to the presence of a few different weather systems encompassing parts of the prairie provinces.

Photo Credit: Christopher Poitras - Certified Weather Forecaster for Wx Centre

The first low-pressure system stretches from southern Manitoba, into northwest Ontario and western Quebec. Here, we can expect 5-15 cm of snow in the southeastern portion of Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg.

In addition to this, another area of low pressure will be centered over southeastern Saskatchewan, producing snowfall amounts of 5-15 cm in the Estevan area, as well as the extreme southwestern Manitoba region.

Finally, we can expect a cold front to sweep through western and southern Alberta today, with 5-15 cm of snow forecasted. Regions such as Calgary and Lethbridge are expected to receive accumulation amounts near the 5-10 cm range, while areas west and northwest of these areas are forecasted to experience 10-15 cm on Friday.

While the snow is forecasted to taper off on Saturday in Alberta, and Saskatchewan, areas in Manitoba could still see a few flurries on Sunday and Monday. As well as this, below-average temperatures are anticipated for most areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba today into Saturday, with a warming trend on the horizon for Alberta and Saskatchewan starting Sunday. Areas in Manitoba can expect warming starting Monday.

Please stay tuned to Wx Centre for all of the latest storm updates!



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