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Rain continuing across the Maritimes, NL to receive rain next

Heavy rain is falling across most of the Maritimes this morning. An additional 10 to 15 mm is expected across most of New Brunswick, with most falling this morning.

Across northern mainland Nova Scotia, about 5 to 15 mm of rain is expected. Over northern Cape Breton, 15 to 25 mm is possible.

This morning 10 to 20 mm of rain is expected across Prince Edward Island. The rain will taper off to showers this afternoon.

Rain is also expected across most of Newfoundland. The heaviest rain will fall across the Burin and Avalon Peninsula where 30 to 50 mm is possible from today to Wednesday morning. 30 to 45 mm is expected for the northern Avalon, 10 to 15 in most of central Newfoundland, and about 10 mm across the west coast.


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