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Rare weather phenomenon

Here are some of the rarest weather phenomena ever seen on planet Earth.


This is a true wonder to behold. It is caused only when water droplets are a specific size ( .22 millimetres) to be exact. These water droplets diffract the light of the sun and cause the white light. White rainbows are seldom seen.


It is named after the only place it occurs - the Catatumbo River in Venezuela. It is due to methane gas causing huge lightning bolts during a thunderstorm.


It is the rarest weather phenomenon of this intensity ever. It can only occur when a thunderstorm meets a volcano. During this meetup, positive particles are sent into the atmosphere during an eruption. It causes lightning to converge around a mountain. What ensues is a spectacular light show.


These occur through a special type of light diffraction. The main sources that cause this unusual phenomenon are clouds, fog and a powerful light source behind the viewer.


These are one of the rarest weather phenomenon of all time. They occur during forest fires combined with rare weather conditions such as strong winds and intense heat.


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