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Happy Valley-Goose Bay lifts state of emergency


Happy Valley-Goose Bay Mayor George Andrews with the support of the Council, has lifted a State of Emergency with respect to the fire on the North Side of the community.

The town's Emergency Operations Centre was activated last night and consists of Town staff, Council, and responding agencies.

Impacted residents are permitted to return to their homes at this time. The general public is asked to remain away from the area while firefighters and RCMP remain on scene in the coming hours and possibly days.



The RCMP in Happy Valley-Goose Bay have provided an update on the fire in the community.

The fire is now controlled and residents to remain away. There is no current risk of an explosion.

Firefighters battled the blaze throughout the night which caused extensive damages to a number of commercial structures. No one was injured.

At this time, due to structural instability, winds in the area and a number of hot spots, the following streets remain inaccessible:

• Halifax Street

• Toronto Street

• Winnipeg Street

• Ottawa Avenue

• London Street

In the interest of public safety, home owners are strongly encouraged not to attend their properties at this time. Residents are asked remain at least a kilometer away from the area, which can be described as from the end of the airport to the docks.

A Fire Scene Investigator with Fire Services Division of Justice and Public Safety attends the scene today to continue with the investigation.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP thanks the public for their cooperation. Updates will follow as available.


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