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Remembering Hurricane Larry

It was one year ago today that eastern Newfoundland was hit by Hurricane Larry.

Larry made landfall as a category one hurricane west of Long Harbour on the western Avalon Peninsula around 1:30 am on September 11.

The storm left over 60,000 customers without power.

In some areas, there were wind gusts near 180 km/h. In Cape St. Marys there was a gust of 182 km/h. Cape Pine recorded a wind gust of 149 km/h, and there was a gust of 145 km/h at the St. John's International Airport.

The storm left behind widespread damage. There are widespread reports of trees and power lines down combined with reports of structural damage. The roof was ripped off a school in St. John's.

There was also a storm surge event on the south coast with a tide gauge at Argentia and St. Lawrence showing a peak water level of 150 cm higher than observed during normal tide.

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