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Severe storms hit Saskatchewan with hail, strong winds, and funnel clouds

Saturday was an active day across southeastern Saskatchewan as severe thunderstorms swept through the region.

There were reports of hail, strong wind gusts, and even funnel clouds.

The following is a summary of the reports:

Hail reports:

  • Golf Ball sized (4.5 cm) Redvers

  • Nickel sized (2.0 cm) northwest of Antler

  • Pea sized (0.9 cm) east of Stoughton

  • Pea sized (0.9 cm) near Katepwa Beach

Peak wind gusts:

  • Estevan 87 km/h

Funnel cloud reports:

  • Near Indian Head at 1:00 PM CST

  • South of Abernethy at 1:10 PM CST

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada

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