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Severe thunderstorms bring hail, rain, and strong winds in Saskatchewan

On Saturday severe thunderstorms moved across central Saskatchewan. Several areas received large hail, rain, and strong winds.

Hail reports:

  • Barrier Lake: Tennis ball (6.0 cm)

  • Burgis: Toonie (2.9 cm)

  • Warman: Toonie (2.9 cm)

  • Borden: Loonie (2.7 cm)

  • Macdowall: Loonie (2.7 cm)

  • Hanley: Loonie (2.7 cm)

  • South Star: Loonie (2.7 cm)

  • Hague: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Govan: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Nokomis: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Gruenthal: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Kipabiskan: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Melfort: Quarter (2.4 cm)

There were also several reports of damage. In Barrier Lake, there were reports of cracked windshields due to hail. Some roads in Gruenthal were flooded due to heavy rain. In Vonda, there were reports of an uprooted tree that fell onto and damaged a car, and in Wadena, there were reports of downed trees, power lines and toppled grain bins.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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