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Significant Storm Could Impact Ontario and Quebec #ONstorm #meteoQC

Image: Environment and Climate Change Canada

An area of low pressure is expected to develop today over eastern Texas. Over the next couple of days, it is expected to rapidly intensify.

By Monday the low is expected to have a profound impact on the weather in southern and eastern Ontario along with southern Quebec.

This low will have the potential to bring significant amounts of rain, snow and strong winds to the above-mentioned areas.

Right now we expect southern Ontario to see mostly rain but some snow will be mixed in as well, especially in western areas. Central and eastern Ontario will likely see snow.

The low-pressure system will continue to affect the area on Tuesday. Snow is expected in Southern Ontario and in central and northeastern Ontario.

Quebec will also see snow and rain. Areas north of the St. Lawrence River will likely see snow and areas south of the River will see rain.

There is a large degree of uncertainty in the exact track of this low. As such it is too early to provide precipitation amounts.

From there the low is expected to move into portions of Atlantic Canada.


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