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Sneak Peek at Christmas Day

While some Canadians like to complain about the snow, most of us can tolerate it on Christmas Day. With the big day just one week away, we are going to take a look at what we can expect across the country.

Eastern Canada

It looks as though we could have an area of low pressure impacting Atlantic Canada on Christmas Day with rain and snow. Eastern Newfoundland will see temperatures above zero perhaps as high as 10 in some areas. The remainder of Newfoundland and the Maritimes will bee highs between minus 5 and minus 11.

Ontario and Quebec

Conditions will be mostly clear for Ontario and Quebec with the exception of some snow showers in northern sections of Quebec. It will be quite cold in most of Quebec with highs from minus 15 to minus 30. Highs will range from minus 3 to minus 9 in southern Ontario and minus 8 to minus 15 in northern Ontario.

Western Canda

There might be some snow in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Aside from that, the weather should be fairly tranquil. Meanwhile, a strong area of low pressure appears to be getting set to move onshore in British Columbia. For southern sections of the Prairies, we will bee temperatures around minus 2 to minus 6. Northern sections will only get to between the minus teen and minus 20's. In British, Columbia temperatures will range from minus 4 to minus 8 inland and around plus 5 to plus 8 around Vancouver and Victoria.

Northern Canada

Most areas should be clear with the exception of eastern sections of Baffin Island where we could see some flurry activity. Highs will range from minus 15 to minus 40.


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