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Snow, Rain, and Strong Wind Heading For Atlantic Canada

After another brush with winter last night across Newfoundland, there is already another low on the way.

The next area of low pressure will move into Southern Nova Scotia this evening. Snow is expected across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick reaching Prince Edward Island by Wednesday morning. The snow will change to rain for most of Nova Scotia. The storm will move out of the Maritimes on Wednesday morning.

The system moves into Newfoundland overnight tonight. It will bring snow to most of the island portion of the province. On the Avalon Peninsula, the snow will change to rain there is a risk of freezing rain and ice pellets during the changeover. The storm will move out of Newfoundland Wednesday evening.

All areas of Newfoundland and most of the Maritimes will see some strong winds from this system.

And that is not the only system. We will see the next one moves in on Thursday afternoon. This storm is expected to bring mostly snow to Atlantic Canada.


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