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Snow Squall expected today

Snow squalls originating from the Great Lakes are expected in Southern Ontario today.

Commuters stay covered, drivers change to winter tires !

Moderate to heavy snowfall with a chance of rain will be seen as the day goes by.

Windsor, London ,Toronto and Hamilton are cloudy with chances of wet flurries accumulating 5-15 cm, winds are west 30km/h gusting to 50km/h, this will reduce visibility as winds will blow the snow toward the direction the wind is moving. At night London and Toronto will continue to have moderate snow accumulating about 5-10 cm. Barrie is mainly cloudy as well with heavy snow accumulating 15-25 cm expected as the day goes by, at night flurries continue to be heavy with a few showers north. Huntsville and Ottawa are cloudy with snowfall accumulating 5cm or less, winds are northwest 20km/h. At night there is a 30% chance of flurries accumulating 5-10cm of snow overnight.


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