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Snowstorm expected for parts of Saskatchewan & Manitoba

A developing low will being a messy mix of weather to southern Saskatchewan and most of Manitoba Sunday and Monday.


Tonight rain will spread across southern Saskatchewan. For the Cypress Hills and surrounding areas, precipitation will be mixed with or change to snow. By Sunday afternoon most areas will transition to snow in southern Saskatchewan.

Snowfall amounts are expected to be between 5 and 10 cm but melting snow will have an impact on totals. For areas around Cypress Hills, amounts could reach 15 cm. Strong winds are also expected which will cause reduced visibility.


Early on Sunday morning precipitation will begin across southern Manitoba as rain. Rain will change to snow in the evening hours for northern Manitoba and Monday afternoon for southwestern Manitoba. The system becomes better organized on Monday as it enters Manitoba.

There is the potential for freezing rain for the areas around Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis.

Northern areas could see snowfall amounts of 5 to 15 cm.

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