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Spring 2024 Outlook

Spring is less than a month away. With the season of new beginnings on the way, we decide to look at the forecast for spring 2024.

The spring equinox occurs on March 19 at 11:06 p.m. EDT.


Once again this season temperatures are expected to be above normal for all of Canada.

  • St. John's Above Normal

  • Halifax Above Normal

  • Charlottetown Above Normal

  • Frederiction Above Normal

  • Quebec City Above Normal

  • Montreal Above Normal

  • Ottawa Above Normal

  • Toronto Above Normal

  • Thunder Bay Above Normal

  • Winnipeg Above Normal

  • Regina Above Normal

  • Saskatoon Above Normal

  • Calgary Above Normal

  • Edmonton Above Normal

  • Vancouver Above Normal

  • Victoria Above Normal

  • Prince George Above Normal

  • Whitehorse Above Normal

  • Yellowknife Above Normal

  • Iqaluit Above Normal


Most of the country will see normal amounts of precipitation except Labrador, where above-normal precipitation is likely and parts of Nunavut will likely see below-normal precipitation.

  • St. John's Near Normal

  • Halifax Near Normal

  • Charlottetown Near Normal

  • Frederiction Near Normal

  • Quebec City Near Normal

  • Montreal Near Normal

  • Ottawa Near Normal

  • Toronto Near Normal

  • Thunder Bay Near Normal

  • Winnipeg Near Normal

  • Regina Near Normal

  • Saskatoon Near Normal

  • Calgary Near Normal

  • Edmonton Near Normal

  • Vancouver Near Normal

  • Victoria Near Normal

  • Prince George Near Normal

  • Whitehorse Near Normal

  • Yellowknife Near Normal

  • Iqaluit Near Normal


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