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Stormy couple of days ahead for Southern Ontario

The next couple of days will be unsettled across eastern and southern Ontario.


Today parts of central and northeastern Ontario will continue to see snow. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 15 cm are expected. The snow will end from northwest to southeast this afternoon. After the snow ends there is a potential for freezing drizzle. That risk will persist through tonight.

Across parts of central and southwestern Ontario showers will persist this morning. Heavier rain is expected across southwestern and eastern Ontario as well as portions of the Golden Horseshoe. Amounts of 15 to 30 mm are expected. The rain should change to snow overnight.


On Friday portions of southern, eastern, and central Ontario will see snow. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 10 cm are expected, except for portions of central and eastern Ontario where 15 to 30 cm of snow is expected.

There is the possibility of freezing rain in eastern Ontario, near the international border.


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