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Stormy week ahead for Atlantic Canada

It will be a very wet week across Atlantic Canada with heavy rain and strong winds impacting the region.

Monday and Tuesday the Maritimes will see heavy rain with amounts ranging from 15 mm to over 100 mm depending on the location. Strong winds are also expected. Gusts over 100 km/h are a possibility leading to power outages.

Large waves, pounding surf, and storm surge will produce higher than normal water levels along the Atlantic coast near high tide at midnight Monday night and again near noon on Tuesday.

Newfoundland will get into the stormy weather Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday night, possibly extending into Thursday.

Rainfall will be the highest along the west and south coasts. Some areas could see over 100 mm of rain. Similar storms in the past have caused road shoulder erosion washouts and cancellations of ferry services.

Winds along the west and south coasts will exceed 100 km/h in many areas leading to power outages.

Another low will track through the area Thursday into Friday.


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