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Supernova Sends Star Hurtling at 900,000 km/h

Astronomers have said that a star has been sent flying across our galaxy potentially after undergoing a partial supernova.

A supernova is a powerful and bright explosion. It occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a star.

The unusual thing about this is that the supernova was not powerful enough to destroy the star. Rather than it being destroyed, it was sent speeding at about 900,000 km/h.

The object, known as SDSS J1240+6710 was discovered in 2015.

There is no fully-confirmed explanation for what has happened. There are various theories put forth as to possible reasons for this. Some researchers indicate this may be due to a supernova that has not been observed yet, and which would cause this star to move at high velocities. However, there is no definitive data that can absolutely prove that this is what happened.

Astronomers note that some supernovas are difficult to detect, especially if they do not contain the element of nickel, which is a key indicator for such events.


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