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The 3 H's coming to BC

The 3H's ( Hot, Humid & Hazy) will make another appearance in British Columbia this week all thanks to a building ridge of high pressure, the ridge will be at it's closest approach and highest peak intensity on Thursday to bring Hot, humid & hazy conditions to Vancouver, Naniamo and much of the southern Interior.

Temperatures will reach the high 20's and to around 30 for Vancouver, Naniamo and much of the BC coast, but with humidity, it will feel like the lower to mid 30's. for Inland areas, temperatures will be near or slightly above 30, making it feel like the mid to high 30's with humidity.

For the Southern Interior, temperatures of 30 degrees will return on Tuesday and peak on Thursday into the mid-30's, the first of the year and feeling like the high 30's with the humidity.

The Ridge will break down a little by the end of next week but not enough to cool down the temperatures much, another ridge arrives for the late weekend into next weekend with an even more hot and humid air mass.

As for rainfall, it looks like some light rain will fall along the coast of Vancouver and Naniamo, as well as the interior desert, but not enough to help with the drought conditions. Mid to late week 5 to 10mm can fall in Naniamo, and less than 1 mm for Vancouver and Kamloops, some of this rain will be from day time heating thunder storms, but as for big rainfall, none is expected for the coast and Interior over the next 7 to 10 days.

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