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The shocking truth about shocks in the winter

Updated: May 15, 2023

Winter is the best time to bundle up in a cozy blanket or wear that extra comfy sweater but have you ever noticed how you seem to get more shocks from objects in the winter? Touch a door knob, a cozy blanket, even your car door and chances are you'll end up with a shock. But why?

Winter is cold, of course. Cold air is dry because cold air cannot hold moisture. So since the air is dry in winter, there is a lack of moisture which increases the amount of static electricity in the air.

Static electricity is produced whenever two materials are in contact with each other.

The type of clothing you wear, the type of shoes, and even your floor can increase the amount of static electricity. Wool clothing is something you should avoid along with nylon and polyester. You should also avoid shoes that have a rubber bottom. In your home, carpets and rugs will also increase the number of times you get shocked by walking on them.

Minor shocks are not dangerous, but if it is too much to handle, you can add moisture to your home by using a humidifier or plants and carrying non-static dryer sheets.


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