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Tips for safe snowmobiling

To help keep you safe, here are some safety tips

1. Take a snowmobile safety course

- essential for first time riders.

- teach you the rules and regulations.

2. check weather and trail conditions

- if trail is frozen, wind chill is too low or a blizzard with white outs is forecast.

- helps you decide on clothing.

3. wear appropriate clothing and protective gear

- wear a snowmobile suit

- wear layers under your suit. Stay away from cotton because it becomes wet and will freeze

- choose polyester blends because they wick away moisture.

- wear goggles or a face shield if you don't have a full face helmet

- no cotton socks, waterproof gloves, winter hat, winter boots and facemask

- always wear a DDT approved helmet to protect you from injury

4. check snowmobile before riding

- for extra safety, always have your owner's manual with you on the trail

- before each ride

- check fuel and oil levels

- battery

- brakes

- drive belts

- skis

- throttle

- handlebars

- headlights and taillights

- also allow your snowmobile to idle for a minute to warm up before hitting the trail

5. bring a buddy

- for safety and to help if you break down or in an accident

- also tell a friend or family member of your day's events in case you get standard. Remember cell phones may not work in remote areas.

6. bring an emergency, first aid and repair kit

- basic first aid kit should include

- disinfecting wipes

- bandages

- hand sanitizer

- gauze

- adhesive tapes

- bandaids

- your emergency kit should include

- waterproof matches

- flashlight

- compass

- map

- blanket

- water

- snacks

- knife

- your repair kit should include

- duct tape

- tools

- spare belt

- tow rope

- spark plugs

- pry bar

6. avoid frozen rivers

You cannot judge how thick the ice is by looking at it

7. do not overload the vehicle

- make sure you check your manual as to how many are allowed to ride and the amount of weight it can carry.

8. do not pull people on anything behind your snowmobile

- they are not designed to pull sleds, skiers or saucers

I hope these snowmobile safety tips lead to a fun and safe riding experience.


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