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Tornado and downburst confirmed in Ontario after storms on Sunday

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On Sunday evening severe thunderstorms moved across portions of southern and eastern Ontario causing damage and power outages.

There were a number of reports of wind damage and power outages. At the peak, there were 26,000 customers affected by power outages.

Heavy rain also accompanied these thunderstorms.

At this time the Northern Tornadoes Project and Environment and Climate Change Canada confirmed at least one tornado and downburst winds in the Marmora - Madoc - Actinolite area.

The damage has been preliminarily rated as high-end EF-1 with peak wind speeds of near 175 km/h. The final track length and strength of the winds associated are not yet determined.

Reported damage included a flipped trailer in Rockdale with multiple injuries. There was extensive tree damage. Homes were damaged with the roof partially removed and there were some barns that were completely destroyed. Hydro lines and poles were down and roads including Highway 7 were blocked by fallen trees and power lines.

Several areas received heavy rain. Below is a summary of rainfall totals in millimetres:

  • Brockville 84.4 mm

  • Pickering 53.1 mm

  • Whitby 49.3 mm

  • Dunrobin 46.7 mm

  • Stittsville 42.4 mm

  • Durham 41.1 mm

  • Oshawa 33.5 mm

  • Tamworth 32 mm

  • Brock West Landfill 46.9 mm

  • Kennedy Pump Station 34.4 mm

  • Dufferin Reservoir 31.2 mm

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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