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Tornado confirmed in Bergen, AB

On Thursday severe thunderstorms moved across central and southern Alberta during the afternoon and evening.

There were several reports of tornadoes, large hail, strong wind gusts and localized flooding.

Environment and Climate Change Canada in collaboration with the Northern Tornadoes Project have confirmed that there was a tornado near Bergen, Alberta. There was damage to at least four houses and many trees were reported. The tornado has not yet been given a rating.

There were also reports of large hail. Below is a summary of hail reports:

  • Jumping Pound: Hen Egg (5 cm)

  • Oyen: Golf ball (4.5 cm)

  • Killam: Golf Ball (4.5 cm)

  • Acadia Valley: Ping Pong (3.5 cm)

  • Shantz: Ping Pong (3.5 cm)

  • Calgary: Loonie (2.7 cm)

  • Didsbury: Quarter (2.4 cm)

  • Crimson Lake: Nickel (2.1cm)

Additionally, Calgary reported a wind gust of 104 km/h

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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