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Tornado Misconceptions

Here in Canada, we don't see nearly as many tornadoes as our southern neighbors, but that's not to say we are immune to such destructive forces of nature.

Just as there are tornadoes in Canada, there are tornado myths. Here are the top 5:

1. Take shelter under an overpass

Never seek shelter under an overpass. A wind tunnel can form send debris underneath.

2. Tornadoes don't hit large cities

This is not true, while it is not common for tornadoes to hit large cities, it can, and has, happened. Tornadoes only seemingly don't hit large cities because large cities are a small geographic area compared to all the open land.

3. Some terrain create diversions

A tornado can move through and across any type of terrain.

4. Open your windows to equate air pressure

While tornadoes have low atmospheric pressure, opening windows won't do anything to limit damage, its the wind from a tornado that does the most damage.

5. Seek shelter in the southwest corner of your basement

The safest place is the most interior room at the lowest level f a structure. That myth comes from an old belief that tornadoes move from the southwest to the northeast.


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