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Tornado Near Scarth, Manitoba #MBstorm

Environment and Climate Change Canada has confirmed a tornado near Scarth, Manitoba on August 7.

On Friday evening a severe thunderstorm moved through the rural municipality of Pipestone. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) received reports of large hail near Virden and a tornado near Scarth, MB.

The Northern Tornadoes Project, in association with the University of Manitoba and in collaboration with ECCC, facilitated an on-site storm damage survey. The results of this survey, including a rating of the tornado's strength, are preliminary and subject to change if more information becomes available.

The twister touched down at 7:55 pm CDT in Scarth, 13 km south of Virden. It has been rated an EF-2 with estimated wind speed at approximately 190 km/h.

The RCMP reported that there were two fatalities and one person was injured and transported to the hospital.

There were also reports of damage to power lines and damage to a farm. Silos were tossed and trees were snapped.

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