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Tornado over Orleans Rated EF-0

Place d'Orléans Mall
Place d'Orléans Mall

A tornado developed over Orleans, Ontario shortly before 5:54 PM EDT Sunday evening.

This tornado tracked eastward just north of highway 174 and Place D'Orleans Shopping Centre before moving across the community of Queenswood Village and Jeanne d'Arc Blvd N.

The tornado then moved just south of Petrie Island before returning to highway 174.

It then proceeded along highway 174 for some distance before gradually veering southeastward while weakening.

No detectable damage could be found in Cumberland however it is believed that the tornado may have intermittently redeveloped between Cumberland and Clarence Creek.

This suggests the path length of this tornado may have exceeded 25 kilometres.

Damage was reported all along the path of the tornado, particularly in Orleans due to the high population density. Tree damage was common, and many houses had roof damage.

The majority of the damage was consistent with a category EF0 tornado.

However, there was some roof damage, particularly to a 3-story condominium building on Prestige Circle, which was consistent with an EF1 tornado.

As a result, this tornado is being categorized as an EF1 tornado with maximum winds of 150-170 km/h.

There was also a report of one injury from this event.

Based on ECCC Data

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