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Tornadoes rip across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Portions of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were hit with a series of tornadoes on Friday that left at least one person dead in McCurtain County, OK.

The Storm Prediction Center received reports of 19 tornadoes, 41 wind reports, and 27 reports of hail.

Several people remain missing.

In McCurtain County, OK there were reports of injuries. The local Sherriff reported that a house was destroyed. There were also reports of structural damage in Idabel. Homes were damaged and destroyed. Numerous trees and powerlines were downed. Local officials set up command shelters.

Damage was also reported in Red River County, Morris County, Bowie County, and others.

There are thousands without power. There are over 37,000 people without power in Texas and 3,400 in Oklahoma. In Arkansas, over 15,000 people are off the grid and over 27,000 in Louisiana according to

Today only a few marginally severe thunderstorms are expected across parts of the central Gulf Coast states.


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