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Two Tornadoes Confirmed in Ontario #ONstorm

Ontario can add two more tornadoes to the list.

On Thursday severe thunderstorms moved across southwestern Ontario.

The Northern Tornadoes Project has confirmed two EF-1 tornadoes.

The first was in Mount Carmel. The tornado had maximum wind speeds of 155 km/h and had a path length of 7.1 km and path width of 100 m. A century barn was severely damaged.

Another tornado was confirmed in Union. This tornado had maximum wind speeds of 150 km/h, path length of 5.2 km and path width of 150 m. A small century barn was shifted on the foundation.

In St. Thomas there were several reports of funnel clouds. None of which reached the ground.

Places such as Windsor, La Salle, and Leamington received over 100 millimetres of rain.

Based on ECCC Data


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